UW Colleges Viewbook

The UW Colleges viewbook was intended to sum up the mammoth of an institution the University of Wisconsin System is. It is an overall view of the university and what UW Colleges can offer to traditional and non-traditional students.

Within the booklet are short descriptions of each campus. I felt it was important to keep this lengthy viewbook engaging and visually-inspiring while still providing viewers with enough information to make their college decision. Other content includes degree and financial information, statistics about the campuses, student life and campus facts. All of the content is geared towards potential students being able to understand UW Colleges as an overall institution and the individual campuses within it.

Like most of my work for UW Colleges, I used photos of real students on campus. Authenticity is vital in helping students make an accurate and informed decision when planning for their higher education. It also keeps the branding of the campuses to be anything but cookie cutter.