UW Colleges Campus Viewbooks

UW Colleges is a unique entity due to its 13 diverse campuses. Though all of the campuses cater to both traditional and nontraditional students, they vary in location, size and courses offered. More often than not, I have to reversion our deliverables out thirteen times, with the campus viewbooks being no exception. Though this can be tedious, I pride myself in treating each as a separate campus.

Every campus has its own published viewbook as well as a digital flipbook version. The viewbook is used to be the main contact and informational piece between the potential student and their local campus. Each viewbook is not going to read the same since each contains different details as to what makes the campus unique, individualized infographics, benefits lists and fluently-presented data.

Choosing original photos of actual students for the campus viewbooks was important, as I wanted our target audience to get a realistic idea of what each campus has to offer.