UW Colleges Fall Awareness Campaign

The UW Colleges Fall Awareness campaign was targeted towards upperclassmen in high school and their parents or guardians. The primary goal of the campaign was to get these students to apply, with the secondary goal get them to request information about the campus.

This campaign was multifaceted in order to serve various purposes, ranging from billboards, display ads, direct mail, to Pandora ads and landing pages. Creating awareness, providing information, answering common questions and reminding students to apply were all achieved through the deliverables.

My intention for the visuals in this campaign was to show the diversity of each of the 13 UW Colleges campuses. I used original photography from each of the campuses to highlight real students on campus and to make this campaign authentic to the UW Colleges brand. UW Colleges is an inclusive system and their administration wants applying for college to be painless. I made sure information in this campaign was laid out in a straightforward way to achieve this goal.

This campaign won Gold at the Higher Education Marketing Awards (HEMR).